Why e-biking is the next big thing

Cycling is more than just a way of getting from A to B, it’s a way of life. And the hottest new cycling trend is taking the world by storm – the e-bike.

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Short for electronic bikes, e-bikes make your journey easier by putting a bit of power into your cycle.

It works by using a rechargeable battery and electric motor to assist your pedal and can reach speeds of up to 20kmh.

One company that’s revolutionising the e-bike is Mate. The Mate bike comes from Copenhagen, the cycling capital of the world. Danish entrepreneurs have taken the clunky e-bike and added ultra-cool Scandinavian design, without the big price-tag.

People are falling in love with e-bikes because they take the strain out of your journeys, especially if you have a long way to cycle, and they’re a super easy way to do your part for the environment, cutting out any petrol-powered transport.

Hills become effortless and you’ll practically fly over difficult terrain, all without breaking a sweat – which means no more turning up to places looking like a mess.

It also means you can cycle for longer, which can make the difference in achieving your fitness goals and motivate you to get out there and get riding.

So what should you look for in an e-bike? Look for a battery and motor built by big brands, so you know they’re good quality. A good battery will last between 5 – 8 hours, depending on how much you cycle.

Price can be a big decider when it comes to an e-bike, and some models can easily set you back a few thousand.

One of the most price friendly e-bikes on the market is the Mate Bike.

It’s cool design is found throughout the bike’s build, with 7-speed Shimano gears, a Samsung lithium ion battery and a waterproof LCD display that tells you how much battery you have left and how many kilometres you’ve cycled.

Added to this, there’s a handy USB charger and the option to go full throttle on one of their three models.

Mate has three bikes in its range, all under $1000. All of their bikes come with front and back suspension, all terrain tires and are available in four different colours – and can be folded in three steps, a feature that’s difficult to find in other e-bikes.

The Mate S is their most popular, with a 350w motor and thumb throttle for fully automatic rides, as well as a speed charger that juices up your battery in just two hours. The price is pretty good for the quality, at just $849, including shipping.

The next in their range is the MATE city+ bike. With a 250w motor and an upgraded battery pack of 36V 12AmpH, the City+ is just $799 including shipping, and a speed charger.

The last, but not least, in their range is the Mate City, which comes with all the features of the mate bike and a 250w motor, for just $699 including shipping.

Right now, Mate Bikes are on sale for almost half of what they’re worth, because they’re being sold on a crowd funding site until Mate’s webshop opens later this year. When that happens, the bikes will sell at their full retail price – up to 42% higher than they’re being sold for now. So get yours now, while they’re still available at such low prices. With prices starting at $699, with shipping at $200, you can get a Mate Bike for just $899. It won’s stay this low for long, so get it before it sells at full price.

Mate Bike: The hottest bike this year

Right Now: Get a Mate Bike worth $1399 for just $799 when you buy today.


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