Why is everyone going crazy for this e-bike?

The cycling revolution has a new star that everyone is talking about – the Mate bike.

Mate Bike: The hottest bike this year

Right Now: Get a Mate Bike worth $1399 for just $799 when you buy today

It’s an e-bike with a difference because it has incredible specs and a sleek Scandinavian design – but with a price tag that’s much lower than its competitors.

Thanks to this, it’s revolutionising the cycling world by making e-bikes affordable in a market ruled by big brands and big prices.

This new e-bike offers everyone a chance to take part in the e-bike movement – and some are even calling it the Mate Bike Movement.

E-bikes offer pedal-assist, which means a battery-powered motor matches your pedalling by boosting it with a little bit of power. It’s so popular because it means you can glide over hills and ride for longer, without breaking a sweat.

Most models cost well into the thousands, which has left a lot of us unable to join in on this new e-bike revolution.

But now it’s been made possible thanks to two Danish entrepreneurs, Christian Michael and Julie Carton, who decided to bring their country’s passion for cycling and love for design to the rest of the world, and created the affordable and durable, Mate Bike.

“Our dream is to make cycling accessible to everyone. We have worked long and hard to create an e-bike that is not only affordable, but also made of quality components; a quality e- bike that is made to last you through the years” explained Christian and Julie.

The Mate Bike comes in three different models, all under $1000 – a huge difference from most e-bikes – and can be customised with four different colours.

The high-quality specs include 7-speed Shimano gears, a Samsung lithium ion battery and a waterproof LCD display, which are matched by a convenient design so the bikes can be folded in three easy steps – and can go in the trunk of your car.

One of the most important components of an e-bike is the battery, and the Mate Bike’s Samsung lithium ion battery comes with a charge that lasts from 50km to 80km, depending on the bike model. Its sleek design means the battery is cleverly hidden and protected inside the frame with a locking mechanism.

There’s even a USB charging point on each bike – yet the price tag is still low enough to be affordable.

Right now, Mate Bikes are on sale for almost half of what they’re worth, because they’re being sold on a crowd funding site until Mate’s webshop opens later this year. When that happens, the bikes will sell at their full retail price – up to 42% higher than they’re being sold for now. So get yours now, while they’re still available at such low prices. With prices starting at $699, with shipping at $200, you can get a Mate Bike for just $899. It won’s stay this low for long, so get it before it sells at full price.

Get your Mate Bike today and join the cycling revolution, just click on the link below for more info.

Mate Bike: The hottest trend this year

Right Now: Get a Mate Bike worth $1399 for just $799 when you buy today