This summer’s hottest trend – and the secret to getting it

This is the bike that’s set to be the summer’s hottest accessory – and here’s the secret to getting one.

Straight from the ultra-stylish cycling city of the world, Copenhagen, the Mate bike is an e-bike with a difference.

Mate Bike: The hottest trend this year

Right Now: Get a Mate Bike worth $1399 for just $799 when you buy today

It’s become a huge hit thanks to a lower price tag than most other e-bikes, but with an on-trend design and exceptional build quality that make it stand out.

A lot of the e-bikes currently available are clunky and awkward to handle, but those stylish Scandinavians have combined their passion for cycling with their love of design, to create the Mate bike.

The Mate bike comes in three different models, all under $1000 – a huge difference from most electric bikes, which easily cost into the thousands.

Each Mate bike can be folded in just three steps and comes with 7-speed Shimano gears, a Samsung lithium ion battery and a waterproof LCD display.

There’s also USB charging point for your phone and each bike is available in four different colours, with front and back suspension and all terrain tires.

E-bikes are the must-have for summer – they’re the secret to looking effortlessly good thanks to the pedal-assist that takes the strain out of your journey.

Because let’s face it, one of the worst things about cycling is turning up at your destination covered in sweat.

As the hot summer months approach and we gear up for days out cycling with friends, or commuting to work, it’s time to up our cycle game, stand out from the crowd and do our bit for the environment by ditching petrol-powered vehicles.

Right now, Mate Bikes are on sale for almost half of what they’re worth, because they’re being sold on a crowd funding site until Mate’s webshop opens later this year. When that happens, the bikes will sell at their full retail price – up to 42% higher than they’re being sold for now. So get yours now, while they’re still available at such low prices. With prices starting at $699, with shipping at $200, you can get a Mate Bike for just $899. It won’s stay this low for long, so get it before it sells at full price.

Click on the link below to get yours today and join the cycling revolution.

Join the Mate Bike Movement

Right Now: Get a Mate Bike worth $1399 for just $799 when you buy today



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